One day to change how you work (and live) forever...


In this intimate one-day workshop & mastermind... you'll connect with other amazing entrepreneurs & influencers...learn how to use a deceptively simple (but life-changing) productivity system to get clear on your goals, your life mission... and leave knowing exactly how to get it all done.

Coming to New York City

About your host, Chris Winfield...

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Hi, I'm Chris Winfield and I'm the founder of The Twice As Productive Method (aka "TAP").

I'm affectionately known as the productivity guy who "makes complicated things SIMPLE". (At least I think that's affectionate, right? : )

You may know me because you saw an article I wrote that went “viral” and was featured on the Today Show, Fast Company, Buffer, and hundreds of other places.


I also co-founded a few different companies in the Internet marketing space (one of them growing to nearly 100 employees with offices around the world)...

I've worked with some of the biggest companies in the world (I was a "secret weapon" for the marketing departments at Conde Nast, Disney, Intuit, Viacom and many others)...

A couple of years ago I helped engineer the digital strategy for a start-up that just sold for $1.7 Billion (yep, that's a B :)

One day of business transformation... and networking!

"Chris was so engaging and compelling. This is the productivity book that I don't have time to read. I feel inspired and the excuses are stripped away. I now have a plan." 

-- Laura Belgray, Founder of Talking Shrimp

"I loved getting clear on how I want to feel, the things I want to do and the people I want to be around. It was eye-opening. There's something powerful about doing it with a community of people. I'm coming away from this knowing exactly what I need to do."

-- Selena Soo, Creator of Impacting Millions

"My favorite part of today was having the chance to really go within and envision; what's the dream life that I want to have both personally and professionally? The worksop unlocked a potential in me that I never could never have envisioned before. Chris's superpower is making people feel comfortable enough with him and with themselves to go way beyond what you ever thought was possible. ."

-- Dina Kaplan, Founder of The Path

"This event is highly curated, so if you're invited, I would JUMP on it! You can guarantee you're going to meet people who will help you advance your business, make better connections in general and help you find the answer you're looking for to grow your business right here and now. It's really amazing"

-- Alexis Fedor, Founder of Artists in Business

"Chris brings excellent people together! My top takeaway was -- don't put yourself down for not doing it perfect. "

-- Michael Roderick, CEO Small Pond Enterprises

"Certainly got my ROI!! The people and vibe were excellent and the one-on-one conversation gave me HUGE ideas!"

-- AJ Mihrzad, CEO Online Super Coach