The 'Motivational Productivity' Speaker

That's how the CEO of a Fortune 500 company once described me in an email referral to a colleague: 

"Meet Chris Winfield, he's the motivational productivity speaker I was telling you about. He'll get your people fired up and actually get more done!" 
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I am passionate, energetic, lively and I take pride in going above and beyond for everyone that I work with. Your audience will leave my talk not only feeling motivated but with REAL ways to improve their work (and lives) TODAY.
Here are 3 topics I'm best known for...along with the talks I am most often asked to give.

    How to Double Your Productivity (And Dominate Your "To-Do" List)

    How to Have the Best Day of Your Life (No Matter What Actually Happens)

    How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7 (The Simple Techniques That Gave Me My Life Back)
I typically give keynote speeches at conventions and corporate events.

I also do a select number of workshops, trainings & seminars

I've spoke at many conferences and events such as SXSW, IBM 2.0, SES, DM Days, LegalTech, Pubcon, iBreakfast, and numerous others. 


My mission in life is really simple...I want to help 10,000,000 people become twice as productive, happy and fullfilled in the next year. One of the best ways for me to do that is by speaking and inspiring audiences around the world.
Chris Winfield is a passionate entrepreneur, writer and speaker in New York City. 
With the use of simple systems, techniques and the power of true focus, Chris has taught thousands of successful (but stressed) entrepreneurs and executives how to truly work smarter...not harder.
Over the past decade and a half, Chris has worked with people from many of the world’s best known companies, including Disney, Virgin, Macy’s, Viacom, Conde Nast, Intuit, NBC, Time, Inc. & many others. 
He’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC's Today Show, USA Today, Fast Company, Forbes, and 200+ other media outlets.
He is also a columnist for TIME, Business Insider, Entrepreneur & INC magazines.


Here are a few people that have hired me in the past and what they have to say about the experience. (Want to see more?  Check out the "in-depth" testimonials and recaps from people who have hired me to speak located at the bottom of this page.)
  • “It's often tough in our industry to distinguish the real from the fake. And for that reason I don't normally recommend many people.  But there's no mistake with Chris; he's the real deal!”
    Cameron Olthuis
  • They loved you and the message you shared!

    They referred back to your presentation throughout the event."
    Clint Salter
    Dance Studio Owner's Assoc.
  • Fantastic!  Chris has a great, highly engaging style and real life stories we can all relate to. He's a very natural speaker, not stiff or pompous and he has a great mix of humor and practical  applications.
    Melanie Schrul
  • “I’m glad to confess that I’ve since hired Chris three more times, and plan to book him again soon. His content was fantastic. Practical and really engaging. I highly recommend him to all audiences. Book him now while you can!”
    Mark Taylor


Are you looking for a speaker to make your next event one to remember? Do you want to help your employees become more productive, motivated and creative? Are you looking for the perfect speaker to energize and inspire your association's members? I believe I can help...let's talk!


My talks have been described as "Life changing" and "Unbelievably powerful" and "Exactly what I needed". Here's why...   
    CEO, Everymove

  • Would the benefits be worth the time and money invested? 
  • "My life is extremely busy and it’s important to me that the things I do matter. I don’t have time to waste as I balance running a fast paced business with my very active personal life. 
  • As momentum continues to grow with Everymove, I was looking for some good frameworks to help me get more done in less time. It was important that I get more out of the retreat to compensate for the time I took taking part. 
  • From my research, Chris’s presentation seemed the most valuable in terms of resources available, cost and time. I only hoped it would deliver on its promises. 
  • It did, and then some. 
  • One of the huge draws about Chris’s presentations is that he’s been exactly where I am. He understands the important of effective time management and the value of each and every individual’s personal time. You believe him when he speaks and it’s clear that whatever challenges I’ve faced, he has too. He wants to help you break down your obstacles. 
  • Strategically and practically, Chris actually delivered way more than I expected. As well as being the quick shot of high impact that I was looking for, I gained lots of tools and good habits that will really help going forward. The ideal scene setting helped a lot and the practical productivity hacks are a life changer. 
  • Chris has humility that really helps people engage and connect with him. And he doesn’t let you off lightly if you try to make excuses or dodge and issue. He’ll press you until you get to the heart of it and is always available for follow up afterwards. To me, this is the fundamental reason why he’s worth the time investment. 
  • Book him. Today. You won't be disappointed."
    CEO, Rivet Hammer

  • Same old thing?

    "I was way off base with my expectations of the retreat.

    I had expected to re-learn the old tips and tricks for managing my life. You know…the things we all kinda know, but need a reminder to do now and again? I’d been feeling a little bit stuck, and felt like I was limiting myself so I needed something to give me a little push. I assumed that whatever Chris had to tell me would be information I already know but need to be reminded to implement.

    I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Taking part in the retreat has totally changed my life. For the first time in goodness knows how long, I can actually see a future that I’m excited about living into. The Ideal Scene process Chris taught me with has been incredibly transformative, and I can see that the future I want to grab is entirely within my reach. I can craft a life that I truly want to live, and am excited to wake up to every morning.

    Working with Chris seems very natural. We’ve all been on courses where you can’t relate to the coach, but Chris is very warm and relatable, particularly as an entrepreneur – you get the impression that every issue you’re facing, he’s faced down and won before. He has a huge power of belief in every possibility, which is catching and really motivating.

    The biggest takeaway for me was understanding the impact of a Growth vs Fixed mindset, and how to identify when you're in a fixed view of the world. Chris helped me reverse limiting beliefs and to use Pomodoro techniques to be more productive and happy. 

    If you're feeling stuck in your life with a limited view of what's possible for you, these sessions will help you unlock and discover what you truly want in life. You'll come away with an unwavering belief that the future you desire is truly possible and you'll have a clear understanding of the tactical steps you need to take daily to get there.

    I've been reading my ideal scene every morning since retreat to make sure the vision doesn't dim. These sessions have made a massive impact on me, and my life, and I’d like to thank Chris for what he does. It seriously is a gift. 
    Head of School, Living Montessori
  • Are you ready to face up to what’s holding you back?

    "Most of us, myself included have an image of our best selves in our minds.

    We like to think we are doing well in our lives, are exactly where we want to be, and are productive people. My entire life, I’ve set study and career goals that I’ve worked hard to achieve. It’s important to me that I’m constantly growing, and I try to have a decent work life balance. 
  • Yet things didn’t always work out to plan, and I often felt that even though I was succeeding, there was something holding me back. I was getting there in a round about way, rather than taking a direct path. I sometimes felt anxious and stressed trying to be ‘perfect’ and fit everything in. 
  • I didn’t know what to expect from working with Chris. I’d read his website and newsletters and I already knew – and practiced - a lot of his advice. I hoped that I would learn something that I didn’t already know. It turned out that I learned more than I ever could have thought; including what was holding me back – myself! 
  • One of the biggest takeaways from the conference for me was that despite knowing the fundamental basics of how to be my best, most productive self, I didn’t really know how to act on the basics in the best way to achieve my goals. I sort of muddied through. 
  • It begins with the sort of things we’ve been told all of our lives; from our grandparents telling us the early bird catches the worm, or about the importance of having gratitude, to life skills learned in college about time management and interacting with others.

    But there was a huge disparity in knowing the very basics, to practicing best behaviors in my day-today life to truly succeed. Everything I’d learned previously had been in a broken sort of way, but after a session with Chris, I came out with all of the tools I needed to deliver and act on the changes I wanted to make in a profound and deeply life changing way. 
  • I got the impression that Chris had been where I’d been previously. His personal story felt real and relatable, and made my own goal setting very achievable. It was clear that I was learning from someone who’d found great success by implementing the same changes and replacing bad habits with more positive behaviors. He’s very down to earth, but did not waiver or let me off the hook by probing questions until we got very clear and specific about goal setting. He helped me to get very realistic. 
  • The presentation was powerful, well organized and easy to follow. It’s much nicer learning from someone who practicing what they preach and had success doing so. I’ve learned to get specific with any goal I want to set, and thanks to Chris, have already taken the steps needed to meet my goal. I hope to stay in touch in the future and I’m already looking at inviting Chris to speak at an event I’m organizing. 
  • Thanks again Chris!"
    Chair, Vistage NYC
  • Suitable for the 'C-suite'?
  • "I’d already had a working knowledge of Chris Winfield’s coaching when I hired him to speak to my delegates for the first time. I’d had recommendations from entrepreneurial friends and colleagues who’d been on retreats and heard him speak, and they all spoke very highly of him and his sessions.

    I had my doubts about his suitability for my audience though. I deal with mainly c-suite delegates; average age of 55, CEO, CFO’s and Senior Executives. I didn’t know if Chris’s techniques would be too progressive for my candidates, despite the message being exactly what I was looking for.

    I decided to book him for one of my events. If it didn’t work out, I didn’t need to re-hire. I’m glad to confess that I’ve since hired Chris three more times, and plan to book him again soon.

    His content was fantastic. Practical and really engaging. I needn’t have worried about the suitability for the older delegates, as he was able to relate to all of my members, older and younger.

    Feedback from the delegates afterwards was outstanding, praising not just the concept, which they found interesting and informative, but also Chris’s personal presence. He delivers workshops and sessions with an open and generous presence, which the delegates found motivating and inspiring. Almost all of my delegates said they’d visit his website, use the techniques Chris discussed and book him for their own events.

    I highly recommend him to all audiences. Book him now while you can!"