Do you want to be on TV ? Feeling FOMO as you’re watching your competitors killing it in the media, going viral, and experiencing incredible growth? Wondering what it takes to be on TV, get picked up by magazines, and get noticed by influencers?

You might think that they’ve got something you don’t … but it’s not true.

A lot of people think that getting featured on TV, top podcasts, or on influencer feeds is all about luck. Sure, sometimes people will strike gold with a concept, video, or product that goes viral. But more often, media relationships are the result of a ton of hard work, consistent pitching, and diligent market research.

It’s within your reach to establish a platform that makes you a magnet for media outlets. It’s all about having a plan and being willing to put in the time and effort.

Are you willing to put in the work?

In our Be on TV Bootcamp, we’ll help you craft a plan to become a media darling — and help you break it down into easy, actionable steps.

Want a sneak peek? Here are seven proven ways to get on TV — for the full lessons on how to execute each of these steps, consider joining the program.

1. Have a Mission…

Can you explain who you are, what you do, and what makes you different? Good. Now, condense all of that down into a sentence or two.

Tricky, isn’t it?

When pitching to media outlets, you probably won’t have the luxury of explaining who you are or what you do in great detail. That’s why it’s so important to prepare a brief, one-sentence summary of your work to capture attention.

It’s not about diminishing what you do — it’s about creating a ‘hook’ to create interest and entice media professionals to want to learn more.

There’s an art to distilling who you are and what you do into a brief ‘elevator pitch’ … if you can master this, you’ll be taking a huge proactive step toward getting featured in the media.

2. Know Your Audience

Say that you’ve got an incredible story to tell. How might you express the story differently if telling it to your best friend versus your grandma? Or how about telling it to a toddler versus a corporate executive?

The details, language, and delivery of any given story will usually be different depending on your audience.

It’s no different with marketing materials. Don’t assume that all media outlets or media consumers will respond to the same type of language or ‘story.’

It’s worth taking the time to consider your target audience. Social media metrics, website analytics, and other tools can help you figure this out — and it’s well worth the effort.

When you consider your audience and tailor your pitches accordingly, your chances of being noticed — and featured — by the media will go up exponentially.

3. Get Ready For Your Close-Up

No offense, but ‘real people’ can be pretty awkward on camera. They’re awkward, they don’t look at ease. They’re not acting natural.

If you want to be featured on TV, you’ve got to be camera-ready. No, that’s not just about having the perfect coif and makeup! Confidence and the way you carry yourself are equally, if not more important.

In our Be on TV Bootcamp, we put a ton of emphasis on helping people get ready for their 15 minutes of fame. Special guests help give insight about what producers and influencers look for — and how to create a compelling on-camera persona.

You’ll learn why “confidence comes from feeling the fear and doing it anyway, consistently!”

4. Pitch Perfect

Just because you’ve got a great product, concept, or personality doesn’t automatically make you media-ready. You’ve got to convey what you think is feature-worthy to producers, editors, or media planners.

That means crafting the perfect pitch. This is the document or presentation that lets you show your stuff to media outlets.

An awesome pitch isn’t a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. Just like you’ve got to tailor your resume for every job you’re applying for, you’ve got to make your pitch appropriate for each and every outlet.

You want to make it easy for content planners. A great pitch helps them visualize how you might come across on their outlet!

For instance, say that you’re a psychologist who wants to establish yourself as an expert on relationships. Even with the same expertise, your pitch to a feminist podcast might be very different from a pitch to a family-oriented TV show.

5.  Take Aim!

So … you’ve considered who to approach, and how to approach them. But if you’re doing the media pitch equivalent of throwing rocks at their window, what are they going to see once you grab their attention?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when attempting to get noticed by media outlets is not having an established platform and web presence.

You might have the greatest pitch in the world, but if you don’t have a great landing page and attention-grabbing social media feeds, why bother? You’ve got to make sure that your personal platform is well-established for when you start to get noticed.

6. Connect With the Unconnectable

It’s been said that you’re the sum of who you surround yourself with. So who’s in your court?

It may seem like media figures and influencers are ‘unconnectable,’ but in actuality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is, everyone wants to connect. It’s the natural human state! Understanding reciprocity and the power of meaningful connections can help you create a solid and mighty network.

In the program, we help guide you through the process, starting with basic exercises like making lists of your current network, curating a list of aspirational contacts, and how to take a cue from influencers who inspire you. From there, we’ll help you take action toward reaching out, connecting, and building alliances!

7. Be Persistent to Be on TV

Think about the first time you tried riding a bike. Or took a yoga class. Or tried just about anything for the first time. You probably weren’t an instant phenom, were you?

To be successful at anything, practice and persistence are key. Wanting something is one thing — being willing to put in the work necessary to make it a reality is another thing.

You’ve got to maintain your social media accounts, prune your pitch list, and stay up to date. No days off!

Be on TV Bootcamp

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. These tips are actually extremely easy to put into practice — particularly when you break them down into easy, actionable steps.

Be on TV Bootcamp is all about helping you bridge the gap between goals and reality.

In the program, we expand on these tips, offering tutorials, exercises, and guest speakers to make the process fun and accessible.

From creating an effective mission statement to specific methods for connecting with influencers, we’ll hold your hand throughout the process. By the end of the program, you’ll be ready to spread your wings and fly!

See for yourself how easy it is to become a media insider and have the doors of opportunity swing open for you!

What do you consider your biggest obstacle to getting featured on TV? Leave a comment … we love hearing from you!