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Danny Iny was a self-described “goodie two shoes” for the first fourteen years of his life.

Until the age of 15, when he suddenly lost interest in school, missed 152 days of classes and then convinced his parents to let him drop out in the middle of ninth-grade so he could start a business.

They let him.

He started that business and climbed aboard the entrepreneurial roller-coaster which was initially filled with some ups but a whole bunch of downs or as he calls them “plot twists” including losing everything in 2011 after his 3-year old startup imploded…

Leaving him down — but not out.

In 2011, he started Firepole Marketing with less than nothing:

  • No traffic
  • No subscribers
  • No relationships with any influencers in the industry
  • And over $250,000 of personal debt (left over from that last failed startup)

Which he then turned into into a seven-figure business through:

  • Some ingenious marketing efforts (Such as becoming the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging“)
  • A strong commitment to teaching people
  • And whole lot of listening to what his customers actually wanted

In essence, he discovered the magic of how to “Teach and Grow Rich” and has since helped thousands of other people do the same.

In this exclusive interview Danny walks us through his journey up until today… from dropping out of high-school — to serving in the Israeli military — to his first business “misfires” and…

How he finally lit the match, made things simple and became one of the world leaders in the online education and marketing space.

Danny Inny - Chris Winfield Podcast

Some of the big things you’ll learn from Danny in this “on fire” interview are:

  • The four kinds of “educator entrepreneurs” that exist… and how to determine which one you are.
  • How Danny convinced his parents to let him drop out of school at 15…. and why he’s completely fine if his own kids choose the same path (starting with first grade).
  • Why stepping into difficult situations (that you’d rather avoid) will ultimately make you better in every way possible… and how he had to do this recently.
  • What the two contradictory and unsustainable business models (that destroy many entrepreneurs) are… and how to “straddle” them both for success.
  • What the “Teach and Grow Rich Opportunity” is… and the super simple steps you need to take to harness it.

We’ll cover all of that (and a lot more) in this exclusive interview with Danny Iny in Episode #11!

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5 Big Questions I Ask Danny in Our Interview:

  • I read a quote by you that said “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and sometimes, that’s not so practical. The best thing you can do is start putting one foot in front of the other.” How did you apply this to the failures you saw in your own business?
  • You started Firepole Marketing in 2011 as a high school dropout, with no online marketing experience, no connections, a hard breakup and $250,000 of debt. How were you able to overcome these major obstacles in your life?
  • Sometimes humans tend to overcomplicate the process. Why do you think people have so much aversion to the “simple” approach?
  • Usually an idea becomes a book proposal, that eventually leads to a deal with a publisher. Drafts are written, edited, and revised, and if all goes well, a book appears on the shelves 12-18 months later. But that’s not what happened with your book Teach and Grow Rich is it? Walk us through the interesting journey from idea to the 2nd edition.
  • In your new book Teach and Grow Rich, you lay out an opportunity that is reshaping the online business landscape. You also highlight how it “straddles” two contradictory business models: a paradigm of information, and a paradigm of education and why this is unsustainable. Can you explain what this means?

Danny Inny - Chris Winfield Podcast Quote

5 Big Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How failure after failure will eventually lead to success… IF you’re willing to overcome adversity and persevere through the biggest obstacles life throws in your direction.
  • How stepping into difficult situations that you’d rather avoid will ultimately make you better in every way possible.
  • Why an unwillingness to take imperfect action is the BIGGEST reason you’re not moving forward!
  • The two contradictory and unsustainable business models that will leave most entrepreneurs in the dust!
  • The 4 different kinds of educators and why each type has a unique path to success.

5 Fast Facts About Danny Iny:

  • Danny Iny is a best-selling author of multiple books including Engagement from Scratch!, The Audience Revolution, and Teach and Grow Rich
  • Danny first started getting noticed in the online marketing world for his prolific guest posting (80+ guest posts in 2011, which earned him the title “The Freddy Krueger of Blogging”) – which eventually became the inspiration of his critically acclaimed guest posting training, called Write Like Freddy.
  • Danny is the host of the Business Reimagined podcast.
  • He is the creator of the acclaimed Audience Business Masterclass and the Course Builder’s Laboratory training programs, which have together graduated over 5,000 value-driven online entrepreneurs.
  • In 2011, Danny started Firepole Marketing with over a quarter million dollars in personal debt, left over from his last failed startup. In just a few short years, he’s transformed Firepole Marketing into Mirasee and grew the business to multiple-seven figures in revenue.


Complete Show Notes:

  • Danny talks about what it was like growing up in both Montreal and Israel AND what his grandparents taught him about becoming a scrappy entrepreneur. [04:15]  
  • Why entrepreneurship wasn’t an active choice for Danny, but rather the only thing he knew AND why he decided to quit school at the age of 15 to start his very first business [06:30]
  • How he convinced his parents to let him drop out of school and why he’d be completely fine if his own kids chose the same path. [08:35]
  • How he got a sit down meeting and made a deal with the CEO of a video game company at the age of 15 and what it taught him about thinking like a business owner. [14:00]
  • Danny talks about his failed startup and owing a quarter million dollars in personal debt. [17:50]
  • Find out how to REALLY build confidence [HINT: stop focusing on your mindset!] [25:30]
  • Find out how building an online course that was complete flop turned into a successful business that he didn’t even ask for! [28:55]
  • Why it’s important to have strong opinions that you’re loosely attached to. [32:20]
  • Danny’s advice for building a sustainable business [34:00]
  • Danny explains how he got his message out to the world about his book Teach and Grow Rich by self-publishing.  [36:20]
  • Why information & education are two contradictory business models that are unsustainable and why you should stop trying to straddle both! [40:06]
  • Discover the 4 kinds of educators outlined in Teach and Grow Rich and which one holds the keys to YOUR success. [44:35]
  • How to become a better version of yourself by stepping into the things that scare you the most [53:25]
  • Why imperfect action beats a perfect plan any day of the week! [53:34]

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