Navid Moazzez: How to Become “Virtually Unstoppable”

He dropped out of law school in 2012 to start his first business. He was scared. He had doubts…lots of them.

But he kept taking action (most of the time, before he was ready). Things slowly moved along…

Then, in early 2013, he got a call that no one ever wants to receive. His younger brother had passed away suddenly.

He was crushed. And even though he didn’t know it at the time, that was the turning point in this young man’s life…

On that day back in 2013, Navid Moazzez made a pledge to himself, his brother and his whole family that he was going to make his business work…no matter what it took.

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Fast forward to today, Navid is the leading authority on helping businesses create, promote & profit from virtual summits to skyrocket their business and brand online.

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So…how did a young man from Sweden with no experience, no connections and lots of fear & doubt become “the guy” for one of the hottest and most effective forms of online marketing in the world today?

You’ll get the full story (and so much more) right here in my interview with Navid in Episode #7 of Deconstructing Success.

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Navid Moazzez - Deconstructing Success - Chris Winfield

Some of the big things you’ll learn in this “non-stop learning session” interview are:

  • How Navid “fails forward fast”; the reason he loves being told NO; and why you should thank your critics.
  • Learn exactly what a virtual summit is; how anyone (in any business or niche) can leverage this powerful tactic; and get the step-by-step process Navid follows for his own events and with his clients.
  • The exact ways he connected with them and built relationships with people like best-selling authors Robert Greene, Cal Newport & David Meerman Scott.
  • What “hustle” really means (hint: it’s not just about “business”).
  • Discover how Navid sets goals, decides what to work on each day and keeps his mind clear so he can get more accomplished.


We’ll cover all of that (and so much more) in this exclusive interview with Navid Moazzez in Episode #7!

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5 Big Questions I Ask Navid in Our Interview:

  • What led to your decision to drop out of law school so you could launch a business?
  • How did you get a mentor and what role did they play in helping you achieve your goals?
  • How did you overcome all of the doubts and self-limiting beliefs that arise as an entrepreneur who is just starting out? (e.g. Would people listen to me? What if people don’t like me? What if I receive negative comments? What if I fail?)
  • You described your podcast as being the best way to build relationships. What are some of the BIGGEST lessons that you’ve taken away from your most memorable interviews?
  • What the heck is a virtual summit and how did you become “the guy” to turn to?

Act before you’re ready. That’s my whole mantra. Done is better than perfect.

5 Big Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How (and why) you need to take action before you’re ready.
  • Simple ways to overcome the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that can so easily prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • How to “fail forward fast” so you can learn from your mistakes and grow!
  • The most valuable lessons Navid learned from:
    • Cal Newport (Author of  “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”)
    • Robert Greene (author of “Mastery”)
    • David Meerman Scott (marketing speaker and author)
    • Todd Herman (high performance coach + creator of The 90 Day Year)
    • Ramit Sethi (Founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich)
    • Yaro Starak (successful blogger + founder of Entrepreneur’s Journey)
  • How to take your business to the next level with Navid’s step-by-step approach to building successful virtual summits.

5 Fast Facts About Navid :

  • Navid dropped out of a top law school in Sweden to launch his first business.
  • Navid is the leading authority on helping businesses create, promote & profit from virtual summits to skyrocket their business and brand online.
  • He founded and hosts List Building School, an online conference that brings together more than 60 of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs. (Sidenote: I’m speaking at it and it’s pretty awesome 🙂
  • He is host of the very popular podcast and web show, The Lifestyle Architects, where he interviews inspiring and successful lifestyle entrepreneurs, thought leaders, bestselling authors and other change makers in the world who are doing extraordinary things.
  • He’s known as the “father of virtual summits

Navid with Katya Nichols (photographer) in NYC

Complete Show Notes:

  • Find out what Navid does for a living and how he explains it to people who ask. [03:42]
  • What led to Navid dropping out of Law school so he could pursue an unconventional life as an entrepreneur? [04:46]
  • The steps he took to find a business mentor and how it gave him clarity to achieve his BIGGEST goals. [07:56]
  • Navid describes how the sudden death of his brother completely shifted his mindset forever. [09:28]
  • The benefits to taking action before you’re ready and how this mantra led to Navid’s opportunity to interview online influencer, Pat Flynn. [11:37]
  • How to break through self-limiting beliefs and push the critics to the side [14:45]
  • How to fail forward fast so you can pivot and find success as an entrepreneur. [17:51]
  • Navid shares his method for setting business and personal goals, along with the EPIC quarterly reviews that help him to constantly improve. [20:52]
  • Dispelling the “perfect day” myth and building a plan that works for you. [26:59]
  • Discover the true meaning of hustle! [29:16]
  • Why podcasting is the best relationship builder and the BIGGEST takeaways from Navid’s most memorable interviews, including: [30:50]
    • Cal Newport (author of “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”) [31:25]
    • Robert Greene (author of Mastery) [33:57]
    • David Meerman Scott (marketing speaker and author) [35:51]
    • Todd Herman (high performance coach + creator of The 90 Day Year) [36:25]
    • Ramit Sethi (Founder of the I Will Teach You To Be Rich blog) [37:45]
    • Yaro Starak (successful blogger + Founder of Entrepreneurs Journey) [39:32]
  • What the heck is a virtual summit and why does this business model work so well? [40:27]
  • How Navid got his start with virtual summits and positioned himself as the go-to-guy. [43:15]
  • Find out how ANY business can win with virtual summits and the exact steps you can take to get started. [47:23]
  • How to leverage your network and create an all-star lineup for your next virtual summit. [01:00:34]
  • Why a “no” now is not a “no” forever and how that mindset can help you become an unstoppable entrepreneur. [01:04:22]
  • What is “swipe copy” and how NOT to use it. [01:12:43]
  • Discover how Navid helped Chandler Bolt earn $300,000 and 25,000 email subscribers with a virtual summit. [01:14:44]
  • Navid shares one productivity tool that he couldn’t live without. [01:19:43]
  • Learn the best piece of advice that Navid has ever received. [01:20:57]

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