Nicole wipp
Founder, The Results Catalyst

I wanted publicity, but as I’m running multiple successful businesses, I don’t have time to do the required leg work. The UAX team in combo with my own team turned out to be GOLD! My biggest win? Getting a TV-segment that got my phone ringing with inquiries the moment it aired. Those 4:30 minutes of T.V. segment (which by the way, is very long in the television world) got me 5,000 views, more credibility and the confidence to do it again! UAX helps me pitch ANYTHING I want!

Kelli Reese
Founder, Lead with Soul & Kelli Reese Coaching

“I can’t say enough about the experience Chris creates at Unfair Advantage! The people he brings together for this event are exceptional. This is one of THE BEST events I’ve been to and it’s already proving to be an epic decision for my business. Chris is generous, knowledgeable and truly has an incredible way of helping every single person shine brightly. Can’t wait till February!”

Amy Lacey
Founder, Cali’flour Foods

“This event was eye opening for me and my business. I am excited to follow up with the people I met and some I have not yet been able to talk with as I know it will alter the course of my business. Thank you, Chris, for your time, insight, advice, and sharing your amazing connections. I have been to a lot of events but this one was unique. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to the next event, and I am so grateful for his time, generosity and sharing his friendships.”

Mike Michalowicz

Bestseller Author & Creator of Profit First
I was grinding away trying to build a reputation. Until I met Chris. He opened the door for me. As a result, I was introduced to media I never had access to before. He blew me away with what he’s achieved in the media, how he’s able to leverage it, the contacts he has. It’s unbelievable! If you want to give exposure to yourself, your brand, your business, there’s no question: Chris Winfield will get you to that next level. I’m proud, honored to consider him a good friend.
Tara Bradford
Tara Bradford Coaching

“UA Live was life changing for me! I’ve never seen one person be able to bring a group of people together and make them all feel valued, appreciated, and important! Chris is a master of breaking down barriers, bringing people together, and teaching a new, more productive, way of thinking that allows everyone to succeed! If I had to sum up the event in two words they would be: clarity + abundance!”

Jim Brown


“Here’s what it comes down to: time is valuable to me. That’s why I want to accelerate the process of getting my message out there. And that’s exactly what UAX does:

UAX allowed me to get media right from the beginning. Chris delivers value immediately – contacts, trainings, etc. – and I leveraged it immediately:

I’ve been featured, published and just last month I was live on Farnoosh Torabi’s (Oprah’s financial person) Podcast “So Money”. This is awesome because, like her, I’m in finance too: getting me in front of thousands of potential leads for my courses and programs.

On top of the major publicity, the community is GOLD. In fact, it’s the only online community I log into every single day to support my fellow UAX members and get inspired myself.

I 100% recommend it!”

Maggie Berghoff

FOUNDER, The Balance Protocol
Marla Mattenson
Relationship & Intimacy Expert

“Since joining UAX, I’ve been on NBC Radio in New York, The Wendy Williams Show, have been published in Forbes, Reader’s Digest, InStyle, and been on leading podcasts like “So Money with Farnoosh Torabi” and “The Sunny Show with Sunny Lenarduzzi”.

And what’s more…


They post an opportunity in the UAX FB group, you respond and within a day you get the introduction, and the how-to instructions and support to make the most of it.

I believe a lot of coaches have a hang-up around their business and media, but here’s the thing: whether you join UAX and start pitching every day, or dip your toe and only do a few a week… the credibility you get from being featured, will instantly set you apart from 99% of the other coaches out there.

Publicity is a brilliant differentiator, and UAX is the straight path to whatever media and PR you desire.

Because UAX is exclusive and customized, I didn’t “get lost” (what often happens to me in a big group). And the people in the group are incredible. That’s just the kind of people Chris attracts. The team, the community. I felt fully supported. It’s loaded with incredible information and I felt I wanted to be part of it.

Chris’ mastery is relationships that are mutually beneficial. And that core value of generosity (the cornerstone of my own business) is what

makes me want to be a part of everything that Chris does, including UAX.”

Chanie Wilschanski
CEO, DiscoverED Consulting

“I’ve been to 2 Unfair Advantage events, each one better than the next.

Chris Winfield is a massive giver and his magnet energy is to attract high quality people who give as well. I left this event with a complete publicity roadmap. I know exactly how I will be repurposing my content for more media, how to leverage media I already had, and get featured even more. I crafted different angles of my story to pitch to media and most importantly I was introduced to incredible people!!!

I’m excited about where this journey will take me! And if you have hesitations about time, about making it work with your schedule… make it work!! I’m a mom of 3 kids and came to this event 9-months pregnant! That’s how worthwhile it is to come!! :)”

Selena Soo

FOUNDER, Impacting Millions
“Chris is a genius at connecting the dots between people, ideas and opportunities. He sees possibilities where other people see problems. He’ll help you reach your goals faster with his super connector powers and brilliant, strategic mind!”
Eric M. Covino
Founder, Traffic and Profits

“Why I’m attending this February? Chris attracts people who are consistently great at what they do. It’s a pool of high level people, from multiple, very different industries. And to be a part of that… to have access to it, is worth every dollar.

I’ve known Chris for years, and here’s what I know for sure: Unfair Advantage is unlike other events. Chris doesn’t do “pitch fest”. He offers the antidote to the grab-and-run mentality, and the superficiality of so many of the relationships we have with clients, collaborators etc. we only see as a behind-the-camera Avatar.

This is about building real, genuine relationships.

What’s more? Chris won’t just show you how to build your network, he’ll also show you how to use your network to help other people. No matter where you are in your business, you still need those referrals… you still need people who say “trust this guy, I know he’s good”. And so, relationships and connection… perhaps the oldest, most overlooked way to sustainably (and quickly) grow your business, is your easiest way to stand out from the pack!”

Isa Herrera
Founder, Pelvic Pain Relief

“Imagine a room full of dynamic go-getting entrepreneurs, who are on the cutting in their business industries, being led by the master connector himself, Chris Winfield. Everyone’s there to elevate each other. And that’s part of the magic of the Unfair Advantage Live event.

The days are full of real actionable advice and real-world how-to’s to get you noticed by the media and how to engage with them. And to top it off you get a media evening where the top media and publicity giants are in a room with you. You feel like a kid in a candy store, but instead of candy, the store is full of all the things you need to move the needle on your publicity and public relations. Run and sign up and 10x your dreams. I can say with all honesty that of all the events I’ve attended –this one has supercharged my business and my brand in the most magnificent of ways.”

Kisma Orbovich

FOUNDER, Illumination Academy
Jenny Carr
Author of ‘The Clean Eating Kid’

“UAX offers a community that seriously has your back, continues feedback and support in pitching yourself, INCREDIBLE media contacts… it’s like they cook the meal, you only need to pick up your cutlery and start digging in! I’ve become a writer for MindBodyGreen, for Well and Good, and successfully published an international best selling book! Beyond that, through a connection I made at the VIP dinner, I received an invite to a party that only includes absolute industry celebrities (I still can’t believe it!!). There, I connected with Dr. Hyman’s CEO, as well as 5-6 major health conscious food company CEOs who decided to back my next book launch!

A few months into UAX, I now have a list of 20 contacts for major publications I can contact anytime I want, and if you can keep a secret: via Chris I was connected with a world renowned Media Influencer, who’s going to help me get into major magazines and podcasts!

When I have a logistical question, or if imposter syndrome starts to show up – the UAX team has my back with massive support, love and directions to move through and take action.

The best part….now I’m friends with top people in my industry, and am able to create profitable partnerships which create a win-win for us both! Chris Winfield has completely transformed the way I interact

with influencers. I’m constantly thinking about how I can support them, and through that – magic transpires.”

Marc Cordon
Founder, Greater Good Strategic & Life Coaching

“I used to be this super-shy person. I’d avoid networking events. I never thought I’d pitch myself to big media outlets. My mission to bring positive psychology to daily life, propelled me to join UAX.

Since joining UAX? I’m becoming the Marc I’ve always wanted to be (and that’s priceless).

Having a community that’s supportive of putting yourself out there, has helped me reach out to influencers (like a guest I saw on the Today Show, the president of one of the biggest coaching companies in the US, and even a Team USA Swimmer and Olympic Medalist), and invited them to be on my Podcast!

And… they said yes!

Besides having influencers on my show, and getting in front of their audience, I’ve received an incredible speaking gig to lecture on the topic of happiness. Industry leaders I tried to get in touch with in the past, I now have on speed dial.

UAX is phenomenal: if I don’t know what to do to move forward, the publicity experts are there to tell me what to do, and I instantly land a reporter to cover my next big move. It’s the place to be if you want to make it big, without stepping on anybody.

The real question?

Are you going hold yourself back, or put yourself out there?


Marla Mattenson

Relationship & Intimacy Expert
Lizabeth Czepiel
Executive Coach & Learning and Leadership Consultant

“This was an UNBELIEVABLE experience. If you’re ready to make the right connections, make real connections, to get your message out and finally get visible in your field, you need to discover the Unfair Advantage!!!”

Rebecca Horan
Business & Brand Strategist

“Chris has the biggest heart and radiates so much positive energy. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow attendees as well as meeting other members of Chris’ network – all of whom gave generously of their time and knowledge.”

Courtney Carol
Founder, Grow Your Mind, Grow your Business

“Unfair Advantage Live was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and for my business. I left with great stories and even better friendships. I have an amazing opportunity to help others, which is what I LOVE to do. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I am beyond grateful for you Chris Winfield and everyone you were able to bring to that room.”

Chrissa Benson

Founder, Physical Kitchness

Melyssa Griffin

FOUNDEr, Pursuit with Purpose

Mike Michalowicz


Susie Moore

Founder, Side Hustle Academy

Amy Lacey

Founder, Cali’flour Foods

Rachel and Kyle Wright

Co-FOUNDERS, Wright Wellness Center

Tracy Campoli

Tracy Campoli Coaching

Tonya Harris

FOUNDER, Slightly Greener Method™

Patricia Lohan

Business Success Mentor & Feng Shui Expert

Cassie Torrecillas

Co-FOUNDER, The Bucketlist BomBshells

Chanie Wilschanski

CEO, DiscoverED Consulting

Sharon Pope

Master Life Coach, Author & Speaker

Karen Litzy


Chirag Kulkarni

Serial entrepreneur, speaker, and advisEr

Amber Duggar

Money Mindset Mentor and Profit First Professional

Jeanne Andrus

Menopause Coach at Live Ignited, LLC

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