Selena Soo: How Anyone (From Anywhere) Can “Influence Millions”

My friend Selena Soo is a “super connector”…or as best-selling author Lewis Howes puts it:

She’s the go-to expert for teaching people how to create authentic, powerful relationships.

But here’s a little “secret”…

She’s actually a (self-described) introvert who spent the first part of her career holding back from putting herself “out there”.

Back in 2012, Selena was working long hours for a non-profit in New York City, earning $42,000/year. She loved the work but was burnt out and felt like there was more she could do.

So how did she transition from someone completely behind the scenes into a publicity powerhouse running a 7-figure business?

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In the latest episode of Deconstructing Success, I asked Selena to give us the full story PLUS the tips, tactics, tools and systems she used…

…to change her life, grow her business and connect with (+ get endorsed by) people like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Derek Halpern…and tons of other influencers in online and mainstream media.

In this interview you’re going to get the full story and so much more…

I had heard about Selena’s work for the last couple of years and knew many of her clients and students who raved about her but I didn’t know her personally until a few months ago at a dinner she co-organized with another “super connector”, Dan Martell.

Identify the 20 most influential people in your existing network

(most likely to whip out their phone and send the intro of your dreams)

Selena Soo - Deconstructing Success - Episode 6

We spoke for over an hour that night and I finally saw first-hand what everyone had been talking about.

Since that time, we’ve had many conversations and I’ve come away from each one with big ideas, a fresh perspective and many, many AHA moments! And that’s exactly what you can expect from this interview.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this “jam-packed with awesomeness” episode are:

  • How (and why) Selena plans out her days two months in advance
  • Exactly how you can connect with influencers in your industry (even if you’re shy, just starting out, have no connections, no “name” or time)…
  • The importance of not trying to hit multiple goals all at once…
  • The biggest takeaways that she has learned from Marie Forleo, Adam Grant, Ramit Sethi, Derek Halpern, Danielle LaPorte and other influencers…
  • How she overcomes perfectionism and uses it to her advantage…
  • Discover the books, tools, experiences and people that have had the greatest impact on her business and life…

We’ll cover all of that (and so much more) in this exclusive interview with Selena Soo in Episode #6!


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5 Big Questions I Ask Selena in Our Interview:

  1. What were the biggest factors in going from basically NOTHING to a seven-figure business?
  2. How do you decide what you are going to work on each day?
  3. How and why did you start connecting with influential people?
  4. What’s one thing (that you have observed) that prevents people from becoming successful and living up to their potential?
  5. What’s your process for setting and achieving your goals?

Selena Soo - Deconstructing Success with Chris Winfield - Episode 6

5 Big Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  1. Selena’s step-by-step process that will help ANYONE connect with influencers in their industry (even if you’re shy, just starting out, have no connections, no “name” or time).
  2. Exactly how Selena did this (in her own life) to create her own relationships with influencers and what this has meant for her own business.
  3. The two books that have had the greatest impact on her career…and the one productivity tool she couldn’t live without.
  4. Why Selena plans out her days two months in advance…and how this helps keeps her focused.
  5. The most valuable lessons Selena learned from each of these influencers (and how she connected and grew the relationship):
    – Adam Grant (Wharton Professor and NY Times best-selling author)
    – Ramit Sethi (Bestselling author, featured in ABC News, CNN, and the WSJ, has taught thousands to manage their personal finances)
    – Derek Halpern (investor & founder of Social Triggers & Zippy Courses)
    – Danielle LaPorte (inspirational speaker, author and entrepreneur)
    – Marie Forleo (founder of MarieTV & b-school)
    – Lewis Howes (former pro-athlete turned life-style entrepreneur and host of one of my favorite podcasts, The School of Greatness)
    – Rachel Hofstetter (former editor of O, Oprah’s magazine)
    – Ryan Levesque (#1 Best-Selling author of the book “Ask”)

5 Fast Facts About Selena Soo:

  1. Selena Soo is the founder of the S2 Groupe, a business strategy + publicity company for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors.
  2. Before Selena started her (now seven-figure) business in the summer of 2012, she was earning $42,000 a year living in New York City and working for a nonprofit.
  3. She believes that in order to be more successful, you don’t necessarily need more experience but rather, more courage.
  4. Selena has relationships and friendships with editors at Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, O – The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Reader’s Digest, Whole Living, Fitness, Shape, More, Seventeen, People, NBCU, and ABC News along with numerous influential bloggers in the personal and professional development space.
  5. Selena is truly international! She was born in New Zealand, grew up in Hong Kong, moved to Tacoma (Washington) to attend an all-girls boarding school in high school and then moved to New York City to attend Columbia University for undergrad (and then NYU for grad school later on).

Selena Soo - Deconstructing Success

Complete Show Notes:

  • What Selena tells people when they ask her what she does…and what it actually means 🙂 [4:50]
  • Learn why Selena always thought of entrepreneurs as people with a completely different personality than hers. And discover who [and what] helped her change this perception. [6:22]
  • Selena went out from business school to work with top influencers and develop a successful seven-figure business. Get a great step-by-step guide from Selena, based on her extensive experience! And find out how (and why) she connects people together and how this has helped her in turn. [12:37]
  • Selena’s advice on the issue of knowing that you cannot help everyone and do everything for free. Find out what questions Selena asks herself that help guide her decisions. [15:20]
  • How Selena decides if something is going to be worth her time and money (like in case of joining a $27,000 mastermind when she was just 6 months into her business!) And how her decision to invest in a business coach and the mastermind moved her business forward to six figures…and pushed her own personal limits. [18:09]
  • How Selena learned to see value in her work and then realized she needs to show this value to other people. [26:03]
  • The mastermind that inspired Selena and helped her visualize her future and establish BIG goals. [27:39]
  • Selena is an extremely detailed person and she establishes her goals looking three-five years into the future. Learn the importance of not trying to hit multiple goals all at once and how to know when to cut some sources of revenue in order to actually grow. [28:45]
  • Selena walks us through her process of developing goals and refining plans with her team. [31:48]
  • Find out how (and why) Selena plans her days 2 months in advance. Learn how this helps with resource planning and builds in accountability with other people and around their schedules. [36:10]
  • Selena has a simple system of dealing with e-mail that centers around delegation. Find out how her team helps Selena with e-mails, meetings…and parties! [40:21]
  • How “understanding the big picture” helped Selena fight her perfectionism. [43:28]
  • Get a step-by-step process from Selena on how to connect with influencers in your field (even if you have no “name” or connections). Some of the biggest influencers in your life are people you actually already know (they are who Selena calls your “superfans”)! [45:35]
  • Learn how to send GOOD e-mails that will make your outreach efforts much more successful. [50:38]
  • Learn simple ways to to deepen relationships with influencers (for example at conferences or at your own events). [54:45]
  • Find out the most valuable lessons Selena learned from each of these influencers (and how she connected and grew the relationship):
    • Adam Grant (and Arianna Huffington + Sheryl Sandberg)  [58:21]
    • Rachel Hofstetter (former editor of Oprah’s magazine) [1:01:22]
    • Derek Halpern (investor & founder of Social Triggers) [1:05:35]
    • Danielle LaPorte (inspirational speaker, author and entrepreneur) [1:07:05]
    • Marie Forleo (founder of MarieTV & b-school) [1:07:58]
    • Lewis Howes (former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and host of one of my favorite podcasts, The School of Greatness) [1:11:16]
  • Selena explains what the most successful people she knows all have in common. [1:09:01]
  • The one productivity tool that Selena cannot live without. [1:12:09]
  • Find out how Selena defines success and all the different aspects it comes down to. [1:12:29]
  • Selena shares a great guide on meeting people at events. [1:14:14]
  • Selena shares the best advice she has ever received (from her mentor and entrepreneur Ramit Sethi). [1:15:27]
  • Selena shares the two books that have had the greatest impact on her career and her clients. [1:16:15]

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Free Bonus: Click here to download Selena’s gift for Deconstructing Success listeners, The Ultimate Guide to Meeting People at Events. 24 expert tips to turn strangers into friends, clients, and high-leverage connections!

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