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Thanks for visiting, I’m happy you are here!

Before we get started, I want to take a minute to explain how this page came to be. Last year one of my readers sent me this email…

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…after I read it, I realized that I didn’t have a clear roadmap to help my visitors determine exactly how they can use my site to begin to improve their lives…DUH!

So I created this page to give you the simplest guide to finding exactly what you need to not only help you right now but also in the future…

How to Work Less (But Accomplish More)

Here’s a really simple way to get 40 hours of work done in 16.7!

Want to go a step further? This simple productivity system is how I manage my months, weeks, days, and even hours to accomplish a lot in little time. Learn how to harness the power of visualization, brain dumps, mind maps, Kanbans and the Pomodoro technique to accomplish more each day.

How to Enjoy Life More & Feel Better Each Day

Here are 103 ways to be a happier person.

Here’s why you should start writing a gratitude list. Start paying attention to all of the amazing stuff in your life and not focusing on the negative. It’s a game-changer.

How to Develop Good Habits & Routines

Many people come to my site because they want to develop positive habits and stick to them. Here’s how to have the best day ever (no matter what happens). If you really want to change, you can even make it waaaaaaaaay simpler to start with. Do something good each day for your mind, body and spirit.

A lot of people want to wake up earlier but don’t know how. That’s why I put together my list of secrets to waking up early (even if you hate mornings.

Or perhaps you want to start meditating but don’t think you can…I didn’t think I could either! But I was really wrong. Here are 9 mediation hacks for people just like us. Try these and start meditating in just 90 seconds!

How to Improve Your Mind & Become More Creative

My Morning Pages practice changed my life. Find out why writing these 3 pages might be your key to a clearer mind, better ideas and less anxiety.

One idea could change your life forever! This is a detailed account of exactly what I do to start generating lots of ideas (with some of them actually being really good) every single day.

My Free Guides & eBooks

If you’re looking to go a bit deeper, I’ve got you covered…I have a bunch of free eBooks and guides that will help you work less, accomplish more & be happier!

The Secret Stuff…

Most of the stuff I write only goes out to people who are subscribed to my newsletter because it’s a much more personal way to communicate. So if you want to make sure you’re getting everything, subscribe below. I send out a private newsletter once a week.

Reserve Your FREE Spot at the Webinar!

Reserve Your FREE Spot at the Webinar!